Come see us at our 2,300 square feet multi-functional training facility in Castleton, IN.

Call us at 317-449-9010.

Our schedule is filling up, but we are still accepting 1:1 and 2:1 personal training clients @ our Castleton, IN location. The Never Settle Fitness multi-functional training facility is conveniently located off 82nd St. and I-69. You won’t find much bulky equipment in our new gym. Instead, we train clients using their own body weight and mix it up with kettlebells, TRX bands, push sleds, and more. Our personalized training programs can help you reach any health or fitness goal if you are committed to training with purpose.

Use the map below or Google Maps to get directions to our Castleton location @ 8345 Clearvista Place Indianapolis, IN 46256.

Larissa and Nate are two amazing people who will drive, motivate, and elevate you throughout your entire fitness journey. From consultation through reaching your end goals, they are with you the whole way. I couldn’t imagine having another trainer. The people in group sessions are just as wonderful and the environment is joyful, even through the pain lol. Can’t wait to jump back into my next session of goodness and continue my Never Settle experience.
— Jasmine Cole

At Never Settle Fitness we believe in achieving results in the natural way that God intended. We incorporate a holistic approach to ensure you reach your overall wellness goals as well as training goals in the gym. Being fit inside and out comes from a simple combination of smart nutrition, good sleep, low stress, and challenging workouts.




Nutrition is the foundation to every successful fitness plan. Our experts help provide results and promote healing in the body by helping you navigate and build healthier relationships with the foods you consume. 



Deep, quality sleep is essential to your healing.  We make an effort to address your current sleep schedule and ways to improve it to provide optimal results. 



Chronic stress takes a toll on the body and prohibits it from reaching its greatest potential. We hold you accountable to reducing the amount of stress you can, while managing the rest in a healthy way. 



Staying active and challenging your body is a critical part of your health journey.